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Our Story

A sumptuous taste of France! The rich, scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth premium selection of French Delights Le Gâteau est un Délice is nothing short of the ordinary. Delice is the culmination of years perfecting such delectable indulgences as Brownies with Belgian Chocolate Chips, Marble Petit Loaf Cake, Blueberry and Double Chocolate Pound Cakes, Blueberry and Double Chocolate Muffins and the five delicious Cake Rolls in an almost endless variety of rich and palatable flavors. From the taste and quality of the Delice premium products to the demanding selection of ingredients, authentic special recipes and packaging that combines modernity and sophistication, Delice ensures consumers looking to enjoy premium treats in an environment of elegance and finesse will guaranteed satisfaction.
A unique and refined product range, Delice brings together the excellence of products inspired in France and the unbridled efforts for perfection exuded by the Dofreeze team.

Our Sumptuous Product Range